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We carry several high quality air purifier, odor removal, and dehumidifier products.

Air Purifiers

Indoor air is two to five times more polluted than the air outside and may be significantly higher than that. Chemicals, gases, odors, mold spores, dust mites, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, ozone, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde... the list is seemingly endless but it all boils down to one thing: It's bad for your health.

Indoor air quality is a health problem in a home or office. The problem exists because the air we breathe indoors is polluted. The pollution comes from a myriad of sources. Toxins, pollutants and noxious substances are all around us, emitted by everything from rugs to people, printers to furniture, HVAC system to cleaning solutions, and of course outdoor air.

Short-term symptoms of indoor air pollution include fatigue, headaches, itchy eyes, raspy throat, and nasal congestion. Long-term health effects include emphysema, bronchitis, and even cancer, limited reproductive function, and shorter life expectancy.

Breathing clean air is the healthiest and most productive thing you can do for yourself. It can make your immune system stronger and make you feel better because you will have eliminated a whole lot of stuff that is just no good for you!

Take a look at brochures below on Austin Air Cleaners and filters, to help clean up indoor air pollution:

Austin Air Cleaner Brochure Austin Air Cleaner Brochure
Which Austin Air Cleaner is Right for Me? Which Austin Air Cleaner is Right for Me?
EPA Study About Ozone Air Cleaners EPA Study About Ozone Air Cleaners
Odor Removal

Bad Air Sponge®

Bad Air Sponge

Bad Air Sponge® Odor Removal Gel neutralizes odors due to stagnant air, mold/mildew, decay, sewage, sewer gas, solvents, floor fire & smoke damage, oil & hydraulic fluid spills, latex & oil paint fumes, adhesives, plenums, musty books/documents/clothing, pet & animal odors, food smells, trash, cigarette & tobacco smoke, formaldehyde, ammonia, body odor, human decay, and more. This gel can be used in elevators & stairwells, restaurants & food prep, hotels, hospitals and doctor's offices, bathrooms, veterinary centers, buses and trains, and more.

The BAS is a solid paste-gel containing activated charcoal, humectant and reagents that safely and effectively absorb, neutralize or alter undesirable odors and fumes. It is designed for continuous use, non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally safe and easy to apply. Just remove the container lid and BAS starts activating at once. BAS can be placed inside air handling equipment to absorb and neutralize odors as the product is dispersed and circulated throughout an entire building. Or place BAS in affected areas for more local odor remediation.

Bad Air Sponge Odor Removal Bad Air Sponge® Brochure


X-100T is a concentrated water-based contact odor neutralizer and deodorizer. It can be safely applied on hard and soft surfaces, porous or fibrous materials, using hand sprayers, airless sprayers, foggers, carpet or upholstery cleaner and bucket wash-down methods.

X-100T can also be added to washers to treat textiles and clothing having musty or smoke damage odors. X-100T can be used as a mister over chemically made products to pull out the odor-causing molecules and render them neutral. X-100T surfactants deliver and disperse bio-sensitive deodorants, neutralizing odorous materials on contract.

For contact odors, X-100T should be misted or sprayed on carpets, furniture or fabrics. You can mist it on full strength or dilute with water, cutting it in half depending on the intensity of the odor.

Apply X-100T directly on the affected surface. Repeat application or rinse if necessary. When applying, dilute X-100T with tap water to desired concentration.

X-100T can be also be added to fire hose systems for bulk disaster restoration.

X-100T is non-irritating, nontoxic, biodegradable and environmentally safe.


X-200T is a liquid which neutralizes odors from sewer back ups, urine and fecal material, animal and meat garbage containers and dumpsters. It is specially formulated to deodorize, emulsify and neutralize animal feces and urine, raw sewage, food and tissue decomposition.

X-200T is used to neutralize odors from bathrooms, garbage trucks, food-handling equipment, galleys, morgues and kennels. X-200T contains organic acids that react with and break down organic materials like urine, sewage and fuel oils. X-200T surfactants emulsify residuals for easy clean up.

X-200T can be applied through cleaning equipment, or with airless, pressure, tank, hand sprayers or wash-down methods. It can also be added to washers to treat textiles and clothing, applied with carpet cleaners, and added to fire hose systems for bulk disaster restoration. It is concentrated and can be diluted as necessary.

This product is non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable and environmentally safe.


Studies have shown that as much as 50% of the air in your home comes up from your basement or crawlspace. This air is often higher in moisture content and carries with it various allergens and musty odors. When conditions linger above 60% relative humidity for extended periods of time, mold, mildew, and bacteria growth is stimulated. The American Lung Association, American Medical Association, and the EPA recommend maintaining a relative humidity level in the 30% to 50% range. Ventilation and air conditioning alone cannot provide the protection offered by a high quality dehumidifier.

Santa Fe Classic Basement Dehumidifier

Santa Fe™ Classic Basement Dehumidifier
High Efficiency, High Capacity Dehumidification for Basements

The Santa Fe™ Classic was specifically designed for basements. The high-capacity (275 cfm) blower on the Classic moves air in a way that no small conventional unit can. The Classic's vertical configuration and flow-down design perform exceptionally well in basements, and provide options for installation that no other unit can match. The optional condensate pump and ducting kits provide the flexibility necessary for almost any application. No conventional dehumidifier can perform as efficiently and effectively in basements as the Santa Fe™ Classic.

  • High Efficiency – Exceeds Energy Star® efficiency requirements.
  • Large Capacity – The large capacity Santa Fe™ Classic provides 110 pints per day of water removal at standard rating conditions.* Large-sized basements (up to 2500 sq. ft.) are no problem for the Santa Fe™ Classic.
  • Low Temperature Operation – The Santa Fe™ Classic was engineered for basements and the temperature and air flow issues that they present. When many conventional dehumidifiers have stopped removing water from the air, the Santa Fe™ Classic continues to protect your family and your home.

Santa Fe Classic Basement Dehumidifier Santa Fe™ Classic Basement Dehumidifier Brochure

Santa Fe Compact Basement Dehumidifier

Santa Fe™ Compact Dehumidifier
Compact and Powerful Dehumidification for Basements and Crawlspaces

The Santa Fe™ Compact was specifically designed for crawlspaces. At 12" tall and 12" wide, the Santa Fe™ Compact can fit where no other dehumidifier can. Innovative features such as integrated vertical or horizontal exhaust outlets offer flexibility even in exceptionally tight spaces, while the optional condensate pump, hang kit, and duct kits facilitate installation in the most challenging applications. No conventional dehumidifier can perform as efficiently and effectively in crawlspaces as the Santa Fe™ Compact.

Santa Fe Compact Basement Dehumidifier Santa Fe™ Compact Basement Dehumidifier Brochure
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