Mrs. Beenish W. Nabi
Founder & CEO

Beenish is a married mother of four and is currently working on completing her Ph.D. thesis in Organic Chemistry. Beenish has a master's degree (MS) with honors from California University, and has extensive experience in mold and indoor air quality. Prior to founding Aerotek Environmental, Beenish spent 4 years as a professor of Chemistry at Government College University teaching undergraduate and graduate level chemistry. She has extensive research experience and has also had her work on mold published in the respected African Journal of Biotechnology (click on PDF link below to download). After her research work and her time as a university professor, Beenish worked as a Chemist in a major US pharmaceutical company. During her work in the private sector she had a vision, that one day people would need clean air. With all the pollutants in the environment, toxic chemicals, carbon & greenhouse gas emissions, and people and children with asthma and allergies, Beenish envisioned creating an indoor air quality company that focuses on helping people breathe clean air and live healthier lifestyles. From this she formed Aerotek Environmental, LLC, which takes a qualitative approach to indoor air quality and is helping people every day breathe cleaner and healthier air.

Beenish Publication

Mr. Ray Nabi
Owner & President

Ray has over 16 years of experience in indoor air quality, specializing in mold inspection and mold remediation. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree (BS) with honors from the University of Houston in 2003. He worked at a major international air purification company as Director of Environmental Services. Later he went on to become Vice President of Operations for the Mid-Atlantic Region where he consulted and worked on various remediation, industrial hygiene, and indoor air quality projects with The White House, N.A.S.A., The Smithsonian Institute, and JFK Center, to name a few. Ray has numerous industry recognitions and certifications in mold inspection, mold remediation, and air duct system cleaning. Ray recently completed Mycology and Microscopy coursework at the prestigious McCrone Research Institute in Indoor Air Quality and Fungal Spore Identification in Chicago, Illinois. Ray has worked on water damage restoration projects on the Gulf Coast after Hurricanes Katrina & Rita, as well as in New Jersey after Hurricanes Sandy & Irene. Ray has worked on over 5000 remediation projects from residential and commercial to industrial and governmental. He has been featured as an expert in many newspaper articles, television, courtroom litigation, IAQ Projects, and has even taught national training courses in mold inspection and remediation. Ray is recognized in the IAQ industry as one of the foremost experts in the country on mold. In his spare time, he is actively involved with the South Jersey community and enjoys spending time with his kids and family.

Dr. Ken Nabi
Chairman – Board of Advisors

Dr. Nabi has a Ph.D. in chemistry from Pacific Western University. He has over 40 years of experience in analytical and physical chemistry. Understanding the technical nature of microbial growth and particulate matter is a complex situation. Proper knowledge and training is vital to ensuring the highest quality of service. Dr. Nabi is head of the advisory board of Aerotek Environmental, LLC and helps in ensuring that Aerotek Environmental remains a leader in the field of microbial inspection & remediation.

Mr. Usman Nabi
Vice-Chairman - Board of Advisors

Mr. Usman Nabi has a B.S. in Biology, a minor in Chemistry from The College of New Jersey and a Masters in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs from Temple University. He has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, 10 years in real estate, 5 years as a entrepreneur in the restaurant industry, and 5 years in strategic financial planning. He is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and currently advises West Coast operations. His combined experience in all these areas helps us in making important business decisions that contributes to our commitment to providing the highest quality solutions and best customer service.

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